Spending money on a new HVAC unit is probably not going to excite you. You can’t really show it to your friends (“Hey look at what we just got!”) No, there’s nothing sexy about buying a new furnace or air conditioner. However, if you make wise decisions, your home comfort and bank account could increase.

Here are some tips to consider before buying a new HVAC unit.

1. Do you really need a new heating and air system? Just because your current unit is a bit older and needs a few repairs doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to replace it. This is a big investment for most homeowners, so do your homework and explore ALL of your options before making a purchase.

2. If you decide that it is time to replace the HVAC unit, then don’t get sucked into a smooth salesperson’s pitch about purchasing the highest efficiency unit on the market. Installing a super high-efficiency HVAC unit for a smaller home where only one or two people live may actually cost you more money in the long run. You can put a less efficient HVAC unit in a small home and spend the money you save on improving your home’s insulation and weatherization, or just take a vacation! Remember, your decision should be based on the actual return on your investment.

3. Bigger is not always better. The larger the system, the more money a company makes. So some salespeople will try to sell you on this concept. Before you get sucked into purchasing a larger HVAC unit, make sure you understand what size unit your home really requires.

4. A cheap unit may save you money now, but it may cost you a fortune later. Consumer Reports is a good reference tool to research the reliability and ratings of the various furnaces and air conditioning units available from different manufacturers.

5. Last, but not least, make sure you choose an HVAC installation company wisely. Ask for references, review Google reviews and Facebook reviews. Be sure you ask questions about repair and service so that you know that you’re covered once the installation is complete.

There are so many products on the market these days for heating and air. With so many choices, it’s not easy to decide what works best for your home. All homes are not the same, nor are the people who live there.  Doing your homework, asking good questions, purchasing a quality HVAC system, and hiring a quality HVAC company to install the unit can and will provide you with years of better health, comfort and long-term savings.

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