When I wasn’t as mature as I am now (wink, wink), I very much enjoyed sneaking up behind a loved one and sending a nice spark of static electricity to their earlobe in the winter. Ouch!

While this is a sign of meanness, it’s also a sign of a lack of moisture in the air, also known as “dry air.”


Why is the air so dry in the winter?

When cold temperatures arrive, that cold, dry, outside air can find its way into your home. You lose heat around windows, doors, plumbing and ductwork The heated air that escapes from your house has to be replaced. This is where dry air comes into play.

How to Prevent Dry Air

To prevent it, you simply need to tighten your home. Look for air leaks around doors and windows. Seal those cracks! This will not only help retain moisture in your house, but it will also save you dollars on your heating and air conditioning utility bills.

Install a Humidifier

Adding a humidifier will make your home feel warmer. There are several types of humidifiers that can be used to make it more comfortable inside your home. Check with your local hardware store for portable units.

If an automatic humidifier for the whole house is needed, that should be purchased and installed by a professional HVAC company.

Keep the Moisture in Your House Balanced

Always remember that too much or too little moisture in your house can cause damage. Try to keep things balanced. Use your humidifiers in the winter and your de-humidifiers in the summer. We can help you install either or both to help improve your home’s indoor air quality.

Please stay healthy this winter and give us a call if we can serve you in any way.

Happy New Year!

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