At Warren Heating and Air, we want to help you save money through efficient and comfortable heating and cooling of your home. It’s January, so we thought we’d share some New Year’s Resolutions that you and your family can use to help increase your energy savings and live more comfortably in 2016.

  1. Check your heating and cooling unit’s filters and change them when necessary.

Changing and cleaning your filters is pretty serious business when it comes to preserving your home’s air quality. It also extends the life of your HVAC unit. How often you need to change or clean your filter depends upon what type of filter you use, but you should definitely check your filter once a month and change or clean it if necessary.

  1. Schedule routine maintenance of your HVAC unit.

Think of it like a regular tune-up of your car and you’ll begin to see why it’s important for you to be part of a service agreement program for your heating and air conditioning unit. Routine HVAC maintenance means you’ll be visited twice a year by a technician, who will clean your HVAC system thoroughly, replace or clean your filter and take readings from the motor’s compressor. This can help determine if your system is failing and will prevent you from disaster during the hot summer or very cold winter.

  1. Check your ductwork. Repair and seal if necessary. 

Leaky ductwork is a big problem in most houses that we see. An even bigger problem is that leaky ducts are basically like leaving a window open in your house! A ductwork inspection is simple to do. Repairs are often minor and easily fixed. This goes a long way to making your home more energy efficient and comfortable.

  1. Invest in a programmable thermostat or use the one that you have wisely.

Programmable thermostats may very well be the secret weapons in your energy efficiency and comfortable air quality tool belt. If you don’t have one already, investing in one could be a simple way to control the air quality in your home. It can also save some money on your electric bills. If you have one, but don’t use it properly, break out the owner’s manual and get started today. Remember to program your thermostat to run less during times that you are regularly away so that you are not heating or cooling an empty home.

These cost-saving tips are an investment in your home’s indoor air quality and the lifetime of your heating and cooling units.

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