Water can cause severe damage to your home. Most of us don’t like the hot and sticky feeling that humidity brings in the summer months, but what you might not be thinking about are the other problems that high humidity in one’s home can cause, including health problems and damage to your home’s woodwork and wood furnishings.

Humidity is typically at its peak in the summer months. The heat outside your house tries to force its way to a cooler location through your crawlspace, windows, doors, and just about anywhere it can get inside your home. The humidity travels with the heat. You can manage your home’s humidity levels through your air conditioning system. However, as houses are designed and built more efficiently these days, your current air conditioning system may not be equipped to keep humidity at a proper level for optimal health and indoor air quality. Here are some warning signs of damaging humidity levels to watch for:

  • You might notice mold, mildew and a musty odor lingering about your basement.
  • Your crawl spaces may be damp.
  • Your air conditioner cycles on and off.

If any of these issues sound familiar, then you may need to contact an HVAC company to install a dehumidifier. These stinky odors, damp spaces and constant cycling of your air conditioner can be real hazards to you and your home. Crawl spaces should be kept dry. If you’re A/C is cycling on and off, it’s probably because not running long enough to pull the moisture out of your home. Sometimes this happens because an air conditioning unit is simply too big. We see this a lot in our business. These issues should not be ignored. They need to be addressed as quickly as possible to avoid further, more permanent damage to your health and home.

Here’s a solution that you can do yourself. Install a dehumidifier in your basement or crawlspace, or other living areas. If doing it yourself turns out to be a big headache, then hire a professional HVAC service technician to install a dehumidifier for you. You’ll notice a huge difference in the comfort and air quality of your home. This might even lower your power and electric bills. For more information, give one of our technicians a call.

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