For our whole lives we’ve heard old-timers say that the past winter nearly did them in. For some of us, the harsh temperatures of this past winter may have actually “done in” our HVAC system. Spring is a great time to consider replacing your unit because it’s between the seasons that usually put the most stress on your system. Follow these steps to see if it’s time to call a professional about replacing your unit.

Is your heat pump or furnace more than 10 years old?                  

If your unit is “elderly,” replacing it with a newer, more efficient model may more than make up for the cost of replacement. Plus, you may be heading off a potentially costly repair bill if the unit begins breaking down. Keep in mind, though, that old heating and cooling units do not necessarily have to be replaced. If you have a reliable unit that has been properly maintained,     you may be able to extend its life. A professional heating and cooling professional will be able to help you determine if your unit needs to be replaced.

Are you seeing an increase in repairs or your energy bills?

If it seems like you’re always calling for a repair or if higher energy bills have strained your budget lately it may be time to consider replacing your unit. Newer units are often more efficient and come with a warranty that will help cut down on your repair costs significantly.

Hearing weird bumps in the night?

Units that are failing will often generate some weird noises. If your heating and cooling unit is popping, clicking, bumping or whirring loudly, reach out to one of our HVAC service technicians to see if the unit is in need of a repair or replacement. The technician can alert you if you are experiencing some other issues with the infrastructure of your heating and air unit. A word of advice: this one may be easy to ignore or chalk up to another home issue…DON’T. The longer you wait, the more the problem may grow. Call us today.

Are some rooms of your house hotter or colder than others? OR do you have excessive humidity?  

If you’ve seen some changes in your home’s heating and cooling or if you’ve noticed some excessive humidity, it’s definitely time to call one of our HVAC service technicians to analyze your heating and cooling unit’s performance.

Have you made significant changes to your home?

If you’ve gone all “Fixer Upper” on your home lately, adding square footage or knocking out walls for a more open floor plan, you may have left your heating and cooling unit in the dust. Let a professional heating and cooling technician help determine if your old unit is still the best fit for your new home.

At Warren Heating & Air, we consider ourselves a partner for your family’s comfort. If you think that your HVAC unit may not be performing up to maximum capacity or you’ve seen some changes in its performance, let us check it out for you and help determine the best option for your family and budget.

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