Warren Heating and Air service technician Shelby Warren learned her trade from the best in the industry, her dad. Steve Warren never encouraged his daughter to consider a career in the HVAC business, but he’s very proud of the accomplishments she has made since joining his HVAC service team in Paducah, Ky.

“What makes Shelby so special is that she knows how to treat people with respect and she genuinely enjoys helping people. She is thorough in her work,” Steve says.

Shelby is excelling in this male-dominated industry, however, her first priority is to deliver the same high quality service that her dad has always provided to his customers in western Kentucky.

“I’ve been going to some of these houses since I was a little girl,” Shelby says. “I think they’re sometimes a little surprised when I first come to the door, but they know me and trust me to do the same good work that my father has always provided to them.”

Shelby works hard to educate customers on ways they can protect their homes from rising heating and air costs and gives them tips on ways to better insulate their homes.

“There are really simple things that people can do to save money,” Shelby says. “They can seal off their crawl spaces, place ‘dotties’ behind all of their electrical switches…things like that.”

While it took determination and hard work to obtain her Associate’s degree in Applied Science for HVAC at Western Kentucky Community and Technical College, she admits that it took even more courage to overcome a few of her initial fears of the job itself.

“In the beginning, the idea of crawling under houses and climbing on rooftops was terrifying to me,” Shelby says. “There was always the threat of spiders or snakes appearing out of nowhere under a customer’s house. But I knew I had to be as competent as the guys I was working with, so I got over those fears.”

Today, Shelby works as one of the highly skilled service technicians on the Warren Heating and Air team and is also working towards a Bachelor’s degree at Murray State University.

“My parents instilled a high value in me to treat people with respect and to follow through on the commitments I make,” Shelby says. “The way I treat people and the work that I do is a reflection on our family’s business and I take that seriously.”

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